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Fringe Icons
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fringe_icons is an community dedicated to bringing icons from small fandoms to a larger audience.

Posting Rules

  1. Small fandoms only, please.
    No fandom is too small to be a part of the community, however there are lots that are too big to be appropriate. If you have icons from any of the fandoms listed here, please do not post them in this community. (Of course, you're perfectly allowed to post small fandom and big fandom icons in the same post in your own journal.)

    Announcements will be made when new fandoms get added to the "Banned Fandoms" list. If it's not currently on the list, you're allowed to post icons of it.

  2. Only icons may be posted in this community.
    Icon resources (textures, gradients, brushes, etc.) and other non-icon graphics (friends-only banners, headers, wallpaper) are off topic. This also means NO REQUEST POSTS.

    UPDATE June 30, 2006: All screencaps from small fandoms should now be posted in fringe_caps.

  3. Please label your content by category.
    Posts in this community are being tagged to make things easier to find; please let us know if your fandom is from film, tv, comic/cartoon, etc. in order to aid the moderators in tagging your entries. Entries that are not labelled run the risk of not being added to the community tags. Individual posters do not have the option of tagging their own entries.

  4. Post teaser icons.
    Please post three (3) teaser icons so that viewers can get an idea of what the icons look like before clicking to see more. Posts with less than two or more than three teaser icons will be deleted.

  5. Multifandom posts must contain at least 50% small fandoms.
    If you would like to link to a multifandom post in your journal, 50% of the icons in that post must be of small fandoms. If the total number of small fandom icons is less than 50%, please post the small fandom icons directly to this community itself.

  6. Use LJ-cuts liberally.
    If you are posting more than three icons directly to the community, please use an LJ-cut. If you do not know what an LJ-cut is, please familiarize yourself.

  7. Do not link to icons in a locked journal.
    Just don't do it. You may, however, link to public posts in personal journals / communities.

  8. No journal/community promotions.
    Whether it's your personal icon journal/community or something else entirely, there will be no promotions made except for by mods or maintainers.

  9. One post per member per day.
    If you have more than one set of icons to post, please post them all in one entry, do not make multiple entries.
  10. Posts that do not follow these rules will be deleted without warning. Serial offenders will be placed on a 30-day suspension, followed by removal from the community for repeated offenses. [Rules can and will change at the behest of the maintainer.]

  11. We will not notify you WHY your entry has been deleted.
    We don't have the energy or the time to letting each one of you why an entry has been deleted. If you read the rules in here, it should be very clear what the rules of the community are, and what you can do to follow them. It's not hard! Just read the list above, and you're ready. You can fix your entry and re-post anytime.

    - It includes any banned fandom (in text or icon form).
    - It has more/less than 3 icons. It messes up the layout.

    Who runs this?

    grrliz is the founder of the community, but it now belongs to mellafe. If you have any comments/questions, you can email her at accio.thewlis@gmail.com. Do not leave comments for me regarding this community in my personal journal or any of the other communities I maintain.

    Community Moderators: mellafe.

    Questions / Comments / Concerns?

    Please post them here.